Behavioral Health Webinar: Oct. 28, 2020. Join Mental Health Center of Denver for a Discussion on Scaling Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to Chronic & Behavioral Health AMGA Webinar: Nov. 4, 2020. Join Esse Health for a Discussion on Engaging Medicare Advantage Members in Value-based Contracts

Our Mission
Highlight key moments for life-changing intervention, accentuating care our partners provide.
Our Values
Caring • Expert • Accessible • Impactful
The CareSignal team


  • Avik Som headshot
    Avik Som MD, PhD
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Blake Marggraff headshot
    Blake Marggraff
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Evan Huang headshot
    Evan Huang
    Chief Developer
  • Joe McDonald headshot
    Joe McDonald MBA
    President & COO


  • Alice Butler headshot
    Alice Butler
    Engagement Specialist
  • Ann Conrath headshot
    Ann Conrath MSW, LCSW
    Business Development Executive
  • Bill Kinner headshot
    Bill Kinner
    Business Development Executive
  • Cheryl Lock headshot
    Cheryl Lock
    Senior Engagement Specialist
  • Christine Stavridis headshot
    Christine Stavridis
    Creative Director
  • Dan Sun headshot
    Dan Sun
    Data Engineer
  • Darius Calliet headshot
    Darius Calliet
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Emily Srygley headshot
    Emily Srygley
    Director of Account Success
  • Erika Halsey headshot
    Erika Halsey MPH
    Project Manager
  • Erinn Flowers headshot
    Erinn Flowers
    Engagement Specialist
  • Jamie Lawrence headshot
    Jamie Lawrence
    Graphic Designer
  • Jason Roche headshot
    Jason Roche MPH
    Director of Marketing
  • John Newton headshot
    John Newton RN, BSN
    Account Manager
  • Mindy Xu headshot
    Mindy Xu
    Engagement Specialist
  • Nathan Beck headshot
    Nathan Beck
    Front-End Engineer
  • Richard Xie headshot
    Richard Xie
    Senior Project Manager
  • Robert Peters headshot
    Robert Peters
    Director of Clinical Operations
  • Siri Athota headshot
    Siri Athota MSHM
    Account Manager
  • Sommer Payne Calliet headshot
    Sommer Payne Calliet
    Engagement Specialist

Investors & Accelerators

Peter Diamandis standing in front of a plane.

"CareSignal combines established technologies with breakthrough processes: rocket fuel to bring exponential improvements in healthcare to individuals who need it most."

Peter H. Diamandis, MD Chairman & CEO, XPRIZE Foundation CareSignal Investor


Peter Diamandis is keynoting AMGA 2020. We'll be presenting there, too. Are you planning to attend? Schedule a meeting with CareSignal at AMGA 2020!

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