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A Self-Contained COVID-19 Symptom Diary For Patients Under Home Quarantine

Help patients in-home quarantine self-monitor their key signs and symptoms, and enable automatic connection to your organization’s existing COVID-19 hotline if any signs or symptoms worsen. Patients feel supported and informed, and you know they can reach out through the appropriate channel if necessary.

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How does it work?

  • Patients report self-assessments about dyspnea, fever, or cough.
  • No data is sent to a clinical team; not alerts are triggered.
  • If patients report signs of worsening symptoms, COVID Connect can establish a connection directly to the patient's organization's preferred COVID-19 hotline.
  • Patients also get tips written by the CDC to improve patient health literacy and community prevention.

What does it take to implement?

1. Request COVID Connect
2. Get a ready-to-use, white-labeled COVID Connect with supporting materials.
3. Share with low-risk patients, including patients who are under home-quarantine

Not sure if COVID Connect is right for you?

Submit a request anyway. COVID Connect is just one program in our growing COVID suite. Our team will work with you to figure out which COVID program is right for your organization.

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About CareSignal

COVID Connect was created by CareSignal, a scalable remote patient monitoring platform that improves payer and provider performance in value-based care by engaging and identifying rising-risk patients before they worsen. With 10 peer-reviewed publications, CareSignal provides clinically-relevant engagement for 25 conditions, including Diabetes, Heart Failure, COPD, Depression, and more.

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