New Publication in AMGA Group Practice Journal: The Information Advantage with CareSignal

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The Promise of Population Health: Driving Value Based Care Success with Scalable, Equitable, and Impactful Remote Monitoring

The tradeoff between tech-enabled resources to inform clinically valuable digital care and reaching a broad population presents a challenge for population health management. Blake Marggraff, CEO and Founder of CareSignal, and Jaan Sidorov, MD, President of Population Health Alliance (PHA) Board of Directors, discussed how the superior scalability of Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring addresses this challenge. CareSignal’s high-touch, low-tech solution is driven by the principle of clinically relevant patient engagement that enables care managers to proactively manage a gamut of disease states, including chronic, and behavioral health, and SDOH. As Dr. Sidorov notes, “Approaches like the ones by CareSignal are providing real success in dealing with SDOH.”




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