How to Transition from your Epharmix dashboard to your CareSignal dashboard

The transition from to was designed to be as seamless as possible.

This article will cover:

  1. Updated Terminology
  2. How the Epharmix and CareSignal Dashboards work
  3. Demo of the new CareSignal dashboard
  4. Items In-Progress or Going Away Soon
  5. Request Support, the fastest way to get help
  6. Transition timeline
  7. New features for 2021

Tip: Transitioning to your dashboard is as easy as logging in with your user credentials. To see how similar the new dashboard is, feel free poke around before continuing this article. Log In Now!


This article refers to the people that respond with condition-specific data to CareSignal text messages or phone calls as 'patients'. Your team may call them, members, consumers, customers, people, etc.

Updated Terms

How Epharmix and CareSignal Dashboards Work

Both dashboards are web platform are comprised of three, major parts:

To enable the transition from to, we significantly improved the web technology for the platform. But we kept the UI/UX very similar to what you are used to and the data store is the same.

That boils down to:

That means you'll have access to the same user login and access to the same Event Notes, Provider Contacts, Patient Detail data, Account Presets, Account Thresholds, and more. You really don't have to do anything to transition to the new dashboard except login at

A Demo of the new, CareSignal Dashboard

The video below will demonstrate the similarities (and few differences) between the two dashboards.

Here are the cliff notes:

Pages In-Progress or Going Away Soon

Based off of our analytics and current partner use-cases there are some items that are either In-Progress or Going Away Soon. If you are concerned about these pages going away because they are part of your daily workflow, pleases let know.

In-Progress Items

Many of these items will be completed soon. You may not even encounter any of these items. If you encounter an in-progress page at, it will a button that will send you to the exact, right page. There you can make updates. Since both sites share the same data, any change you make to will be reflected on and vice versa.

This list is up-to-date as of 2/28.

  • Pages
    • Account Thresholds
    • Account Presets
    • Enrollment Reports
  • Emails
    • Alert Emails
    • Report Emails
    • Monthly User Emails
  • Knowledge Base Articles
    • Since the websites are very similar, the content of these articles is not different save for some branding and a few nuances like references to Red Patients compared to High-Risk Patients

Items Going Away Soon

  • Clinical Trials
  • Researcher User-type
  • Upload Patients
  • Bulk Enrollments
  • Interventions
  • Logged Talks

Request Support

Clicking on the Request Support button in the bottom right corner of the screen (the same place as on Epharmix) is the fastest way to get eyes on a potential bug or issue with the CareSignal platform. It is closely monitored by many members of the CareSignal team.

It is also a way to request new features, offer feedback, or ask general questions.

Transition Timeline

Upcoming Features in 2021

At the end of the day, feature updates center around our users. Please send in questions and feedback through the Request Support button, or schedule time for a CareSignal teammate to shadow your team and better understand your workflows.

Improvement: Faster Turnaround Times for New Feature Requests

Now that the platform technology has been significantly improved, we can deliver approved platform improvements faster to our users.

Add-On: Ability to Send Targeted Text Messages to Select Users

In Development, anticipated in March–April.

Send a re-engagement message to all of your Less-Engaged patients at once; or convey a congratulatory message to patients who have recently become Low-Risk; or deliver an educational message to patients with COPD. If targeted text nudging is interesting to your team, reach out to your Account Success team.

Improvement: View Patient Status Movement

In Developmentanticipated April–May. 

See which patients have recently become a new status, view patients who've been in a status for several weeks or longer, or identify patients with chronic conditions whose recent values indicate they are trending up or down. Get more nuanced insights from your dashboard.

Improvement: Smart, SOP-Informed Dashboard

In Research, anticipated Summer 2021.

Understand which patients need outreach based off of your organization's SOPs. This feature is in early research and we could use your insights. If you have an idea that could help with your workflow or improve your experience, send us a line at

Add-On: Two-way Text Messaging from

In Research, anticipated Summer 2021.

Many patients work during your team's business hours and many of those patients are text-capable. Instead of making phone outreach to someone who can text, send them a personalized text message. Exact messaging and SOPs to be designed with partners. Contact your Account Success team for more details.

Add-On: Better Business Intelligence

In Research, anticipated late 2021.

From outcomes reporting on-site to patient satisfaction scores, we're on the lookout for what our Admin users would like to access on their CareSignal platform. If you have ideas about what you'd like, set up some time with your Account Success team.


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Transitioning to new platform really is as easy as logging in with your user credentials. Try It Now!