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Innovaccer and CareSignal Partner to Combine Industry-Leading Population Health Data Technology and Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

August 4, 2020 at 12:47 PM

A partnership between two pioneers already serving millions of patients nationally enables leading health systems and large providers to enhance relationships, care delivery, and revenues with the next generation of virtual care technology.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovaccer, Inc. and CareSignal today announce a partnership to address healthcare's urgent need amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: to create and maintain solid, clinically actionable relationships with patients in a new setting of predominantly virtual care.

The partnership combines more than two dozen condition-specific patient monitoring programs with population health data insights for a more integrated frame of care and improved clinical outcomes with industry-leading financial returns.

CareSignal offers evidence-based end-to-end support services for chronic medical conditions such as asthma, CHF, COPD, diabetes, depression, hypertension and hospital discharge support and maternal health monitoring. With a focus on prevention and addressing the social determinants of health, each program offers personalized clinically-validated features to deliver even more value from Innovaccer's population health, care management, and organization-specific offerings.

"CareSignal admires and shares Innovaccer's values, particularly in bringing innovation to healthcare organizations and patient populations who have the most to gain," said Blake Marggraff, CareSignal CEO. "This partnership highlights our focus on bringing timely solutions to an emerging market facing new challenges and opportunities. Executives at every leading provider organization prioritize high-ROI, clinically focused, rapidly scalable technology to engage, monitor, and support patients with high-risk chronic medical conditions."

"Innovaccer has always stayed on top of delivering on promises to our customers, and our partnerships with leading organizations have been instrumental in achieving 100% client satisfaction," says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. "Working with CareSignal supports our mission to help healthcare care as one. With CareSignal as our partner, we will strengthen our approach towards better patient engagement and enable smart deviceless remote patient monitoring."

About CareSignal:
CareSignal Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring™ is a scalable, evidence-based remote monitoring solution that improves payer and provider performance in value-based care by engaging and identifying rising-risk patients. Care teams receive real-time alerts enabling clinically informed prioritization and outreach, and patients respond to clinically validated questions via automated SMS text messages or IVR phone calls. CareSignal amplifies care team operations, improving clinical outcomes and delivering financial returns for over two dozen conditions such as CHF, COPD, diabetes, depression, and more.

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About Innovaccer
Innovaccer, Inc. is a leading San Francisco-based healthcare technology company committed to making a powerful and enduring difference in the way care is delivered. The company leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to automate routine workflows and reduce manual overhead to facilitate more person-centered care. Its KLAS-recognized products have been deployed all over the U.S. across more than 1,000 locations, enabling more than 25,000 providers to transform care delivery and work collaboratively with payers. Innovaccer's FHIR-enabled Data Activation Platform has been successfully implemented with healthcare institutions, private health plans, and government organizations. By using the connected care framework, Innovaccer has unified more than 3.8 million patient records and generated more than $400M in savings.

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Press Contact:
Sachin Saxena
Innovaccer, Inc.

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