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Becker's Hospital Review Webinar

Covid-19: The Hidden Wave of Poor Chronic Condition Management

Listen to the full recording from June 2, 2020 below or access the slides to learn how three leading provider organizations are scaling deviceless remote patient monitoring (RPM) across their populations: 

  • Mercy: Scaling Virtual Care Delivery Across Risk Strata
  • Esse Health: Delivering Care and Relationships to Medicare Advantage
  • OSF Healthcare: Serving the Community with Validated Innovations











  • During past pandemics, patients with chronic conditions perceive their care to be less necessary, driving down utilization resulting in worsening outcomes
  • Providers who wait for volume to return stand only to lose. There is no opportunity for "catch-up care" or "rebound revenue" after Covid-19
  • Sustained digital engagement can bolster patient relationships, revenues, and outcomes if implemented at-scale for populations with chronic conditions

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