New Publication in AMGA Group Practice Journal: The Information Advantage with CareSignal

10 Positive-Outcome
Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Clinical and
Financial Outcomes


Average Drop in HbA1c in Four Months

Diabetes ROI for 200 Patients

medical cost savings per year


reduction in COPD hospitalizations

COPD ROI for 200 patients

medical cost savings per year


Improved to controlled
blood pressure


reduction in PHQ-9
score in 11 months

Heart Failure

reduction in
ED visits

1 in 2

Patients stay engaged
12 months or longer

Expand Your Care Management Reach 10x

Before CareSignal – Manual, Outbound Outreach
30-patient Reach
Care managers only have so much time in a day. Their precious time should not be spent guessing which patients they should cold call. But without real-time data, that's what they have to do.
After CareSignal – Actionable, Inbound Insights
300-patient Reach
With CareSignal, care managers can prioritize patient outrech with real-time risk statuses, expanding their reach to rising-risk populations.
Each one of these shapes represents a risk-stratified patient on CareSignal.
Can you imagine one of your care managers outreaching to all of them? How about every day?
Graphic depicting a care manager reaching 30 patients compared to 300.
In order for you to make the most of your team’s time, knowing which patients are low-risk is just as valuable as knowing which patients are high-risk. CareSignal helps care teams spend time doing what matters most: providing care.