New Publication in AMGA Group Practice Journal: The Information Advantage with CareSignal

Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® Accessible to Any Patient

  • CareSignal Deviceless RPM™ uses familiar SMS text messages and IVR calls
  • Messages, written at or below 6th grade reading level, meet patients where they are, and with the technology they already own.
  • Optional Free to End User (FTEU) features allow patients to use CareSignal even if they have a phone with limited minutes or texts.
  • Automatic personalization features within each program deliver a customized, rewarding patient experience.
  • New in 2021, CareSignal supports Deviceless Remote Therapeutic Monitoring™ (also known as Deviceless Remote Therapeutic Management™ or Deviceless RTM™) 
CareSignal phones with sample text messages for heart failure and depression.

Flexible Portfolio
For Any Strategy

Chronic Condition

Diabetes (Insulin Dependent)
Gestational Diabetes
Heart Failure


Opioid Management
Substance Use


Breastfeeding (Self-Manage)
Post Partum Depression


Post Discharge


Colorectal Cancer
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Diabetes Ophthalmology
Chlamydia Screening
Lead Screening


Basic Needs
Fall Risk
Healthy Living
Heart Risk
Med Adherence
Medication Tracking

An Automated and Personalized Patient Experience

Evidence-Based Check-Ins
Could you tell us your blood sugar this morning please? (ex: 100)
Gamified Feedback
Your average blood sugar from the past two weeks is 215. This is higher than your average from the previous two weeks.
Educational Nudges
You have been sending us your after-meal values more than usual, please try to measure your blood sugar before eating!
Smart Schedule Frequency
We are going to ask about your blood sugar more often for a while. You can expect messages [at the following intervals].
Additional Modules
Have you been to an ophtalmologist to get your eyes checked this year?

Real-Time Data

Don't let patients fall through the cracks.

Antonio's Status Without CareSignal

Graphic showing gaps in knowledge about Antonio's risk-status between office visits, plus an event in which Antonio had hospitalization.

Antonio's Status With CareSignal

Graphic showing Antonio's risk-status between office visits. His risk trends downward over time and care manager used helped Antonio avoid a hospitalization.

CareSignal Amplifies Your Existing Digital Strategy

You already know where to find your rising-risk population. With real-time data, you can bridge the gap: align top-of-license resources with just the patients who need care right now.

Retrospective Stratification
Real-Time Risk Monitoring
Timely Intervention
Abstract flow chart of CareSignal taking in data and outputing actionable insights.
CareSignal aligns and standardizes the cost of resources with the real-time acuity of the patient.

CareSignal is More Than Just Technology

Software alone isn’t enough. CareSignal offers robust, out-of-the box services and support–all customizable to your organizations’ standards of care so you can realize value with CareSignal quickly.

Turn-Key Implementation
A dedicated CareSignal project manager will guide your team through launch and beyond by creating Standard Operating Procedures from the best practices in evidence-based research.
Enrollment at Scale
Scale rapidly without distracting your team. CareSignal can carry the burden of educating, consenting, and enrolling patients on your behalf.
Consultative Support
Adapt to evolving strategies with a dedicated CareSignal Account Manager positioned to help you find solutions to diverse challenges, support organizational adoption, and maintain patient engagement.
Rapid Re-Engagement
Engagement specialists can re-engage patients, adapting our programs to their needs.
Care Coordination
Our team enables top-of-license care by providing sub-clinical follow-up on the partner's behalf, only escalating to your team when needed.
Robust Reporting
Our platform produces forward-looking indicators, even before a patient gives lab values. Then we work with your team to use claims data to validate the patient reported outcomes and we package the report up in a way that makes you and your team proud to present your outcomes to your organization.