New Publication in AMGA Group Practice Journal: The Information Advantage with CareSignal

Case Study: How UnityPoint used CareSignal to Remotely Monitor COVID-19 Patients Safely from their Homes

Helping Care Teams Monitor More Patients with Less Staff Time 

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UnityPoint Health is responsible for serving over 2 million people in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin and wanted to efficiently monitor COVID-19 patients at home to prevent an inpatient surge.

UnityPoint Health developed a two-pronged solution:

  • An automated basic track, powered by CareSignal's deviceless remote patient monitoring platform, monitors low-acuity patients via text message
  • The advanced track includes a clinician-enabled workflow through Epic to monitor high acuity patients
  • Out of the thousands of patients being monitored, UnityPoint was able to identify and escalate 30% to an advanced track of monitoring, enabling them to use vital care management resources efficiently.


  • How high-touch and low-touch monitoring saved vital care management resources for patients who needed it the most
  • How UnityPoint identified high-risk candidates for advanced monitoring
  • Why rapid enrollment enabled quick success 
  • How UnityPoint scaled best practices across 5 regions in 30 days

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