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Webinar: How Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring Scales Virtual Care to Improve Chronic and Behavioral Health Outcomes

How to Engage and Support Behavioral Health Patients with Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Listen to the full recording from the Health Leaders webinar on Oct. 27th, 2020 below or access the slides to learn how Wes Williams, PhD, VP and CIO at Mental Health Center of Denver leveraged their partnership with CareSignal to scale Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring. By using accessible technology, Mental Health Center of Denver was able to reach more People we Serve (PWS) to help close the digital divide.

  • Between 75-85% of PWS enrolled in the CareSignal Depression and Substance Abuse Programs indicating high demand and need for accessible virtual care programs
  • Maintain a 60% engagement rate over 20 weeks among PWS diagnosed with depression
  • 15,000 automated touches scaled the reach of the behavioral health care team, identifying 646 alerts for PWS needing support
  • “There is a digital divide in this country and it leads to healthcare inequities. In my role of selecting technology partners to help augment what we do in person; I need to find things that close that equity gap. I can’t implement solutions that you can only use if you have a gigabit fiber connection and an iMac. It has to work for people who really need that help.” - Wes Williams, PhD, VP and CIO, Mental Health Center of Denver
  • "It lets me know someone is listening to me and checking in on me because I matter." - Patient
















Webinar overview:

  • Review the State of Whole-person Care: Balancing Revenue & Relationships
  • Examine Real-world Impacts & Quantitative Outcomes: Engagement & Clinical Results
  • Identify Specific, Actionable Strategies to Increase Care Access for High-risk & Rising-risk

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