New Publication in AMGA Group Practice Journal: The Information Advantage with CareSignal


Beaumont ACO Chooses CareSignal to Provide Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® to Achieve ACO Quality Metrics with Promising Early Impact

October 5, 2021 at 12:29 PM


(Southfield, Michigan, Oct. 6,  2021): Beaumont ACO has partnered with CareSignal to implement Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® and help its providers drive cost savings for their Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) population through automated home monitoring between scheduled in-person appointments. Beaumont ACO selected CareSignal for remote patient monitoring because its evidence-based platform leverages accessible and familiar technology designed to increase care management effectiveness for chronic conditions including COPD, CHF, diabetes, hypertension, and post-discharge care.

As one of the top performing ACOs in the country with $173M in shared savings created since inception in 2012, Beaumont ACO implements innovative, evidence-based programs to improve patient health while helping its care teams’ practice at the top of their license. CareSignal’s high-touch, low-tech, evidence-based platform collects clinically-actionable patient symptoms through text message and phone-based communication.

CareSignal collects and provides real-time patient health data to the Beaumont ACO care team enabling it to deliver proactive care and reduce avoidable hospitalizations for patients with multiple chronic conditions. By automating the symptom collection process, Beaumont ACO care managers can achieve a greater scalability and extend care to high and rising-risk populations.

Early results of the partnership show that Beaumont ACO’s care team resolved over 1,700 health alerts for over 2,000 high and rising-risk patients in the first six months of the partnership. “CareSignal strives to highlight key moments for impactful intervention and accentuate the care that our partners provide,” said Blake Marggraff, CEO and co-founder of CareSignal. “To accomplish this with Beaumont ACO and similar partners providing world-class care, it is important to deliver a product that is scalable, accessible, and simple, for clinical users and patients alike.”

Walter Lorang, Chief Operating Officer of Beaumont ACO said, “CareSignal’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring platform provides an important avenue to proactively monitor and support our Medicare Shared Savings population with chronic conditions or those that were recently discharged. Further, our partnership is aligned with larger strategic initiatives to sustainably extend care management to larger portions of our population to achieve quality metrics and reduce costs.” 

CareSignal aligns clinical and financial outcomes through evidence-based programs that align with priority quality metrics including ACO-8 and ACO-38. CareSignal’s 30+ condition specific programs, including behavioral health and social determinants of health, can support the needs of all patients as Beaumont’s risk profile and strategic objectives evolve.


About Beaumont ACO:

Beaumont ACO is an accountable care organization founded on the guiding principles of trust, transparency, and physician leadership through physician ownership. It has grown to roughly 1,875 physician members, covering over 225,000 lives, and offers its members the opportunity to participate in 14 health plans/programs contracts. It embraces innovation to maximize clinical value, success in pay-for-performance opportunities, and grows program participation by expanding use of technology tools in support of quality initiatives.

About CareSignal:

CareSignal offers Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring: RPM specifically designed for value-based care. The company leverages real-time, self-reported patient data and artificial intelligence to produce long-term patient engagement while identifying clinically actionable moments for proactive care delivery. Proven in 13 peer-reviewed studies and dozens of payer and provider implementations to sustainably scale care teams to manage over ten times more patients, CareSignal drives significant improvements in chronic and behavioral health outcomes, quality measures, and reduced global utilization. Learn more: visit our website or try a self-guided demo.