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PR Newswire: Introducing CareSignal AI: Artificial Intelligence Capable of Predicting and Preventing Patient Disengagement

September 29, 2020 at 11:33 AM

CareSignal delivers Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring for payers and risk-bearing provider organizations. CareSignal AI increases the clinical value and financial ROI with predictive reengagement, using artificial intelligence to decrease population-level disengagement by over 50%.

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CareSignal, offering Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring validated by over 10 peer-reviewed journals to deliver an industry-leading clinical and financial return, announces the launch of CareSignal AI to address one of the most pressing areas in healthcare: patient disengagement.

Any payer or integrated delivery network (IDN) that has rolled out a new patient-focused digital tool knows that rapid drop-off quickly kills clinical outcomes and, thereby, eliminates ROI. Unlike other AI solutions, CareSignal AI proactively acts on data to reengage patients and predicts disengagement before it occurs with accuracy and recall of over 80%.

Similar to preventive medicine, preventive reengagement is a win for every stakeholder.

"This application of artificial intelligence to create value by preventing patient disengagement represents a major step toward predictive and preventive value-based care for CareSignal," said Blake Marggraff, co-founder and CEO of CareSignal. "CareSignal AI is already bringing clinical and financial benefit to our current partners; our data strategy will enable increasingly differentiated and defensible value as we grow. Above all, on our march to become the standard of care, CareSignal AI serves the organizations and patients who have the most to gain."

Using a composite of several predictive models, CareSignal AI leverages over 80 features to predict specific disengagement risk beginning as soon as a week after a patient enrolls. Trained patient engagement specialists then perform outreach, successfully reengaging more than half of the patients who would have otherwise fallen off and likely experienced poor health outcomes.

CareSignal AI uses only the data and metadata generated by each patient's interactions with the white-labeled CareSignal program, whether for heart failure, COPD, depression, opioid management, or dozens of other condition-specific programs. It works for all new client-partners, immediately and without any pass-through costs. Best of all, the client-partner experiences no change in workflow.

"CareSignal AI is based on almost 7 million patient-days of data and metadata," said Evan Huang, co-founder and chief developer of CareSignal. "That's equivalent to what a care manager would see over 16 lifetimes of work. And because the average accuracy and recall of the predictive models are so high, all without relying on any paid data sources, the value of the technology translates directly back to our client-partners. At the end of the day, AI-informed reengagement is more than 11 times more effective and efficient than manual outreach. I am excited to bring a real application of AI to healthcare, and this is only the beginning."

About CareSignal:

CareSignal is a Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring™ platform that improves payer and provider performance in value-based care. The company leverages real-time, self-reported patient data and artificial intelligence to produce long-term patient engagement while identifying clinically actionable moments for proactive care. Its evidence-based platform has been proven in 10 peer-reviewed studies and over a dozen payer and provider implementations across the U.S. to sustainably scale care teams to help 10 times more patients, resulting in significant improvements in chronic and behavioral health outcomes and reduced ED utilization. With confidence in its outcomes, CareSignal offers partners at-risk pricing and consistently delivers 4.5 times to 10 times ROI within the first year of its partnerships. For more information, visit our website or try a self-guided demo.