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Rise Webinar: COVID Home Quarantine & Staff Support

April 16, 2020 at 4:42 PM

RISE Association and CareSignal presented the webinar "COVID Home Quarantine and Staff Support" on April 15th, 2020. Available on demand.

Learn how any provider organization can use a free, accessible texting program to support patients in home quarantine and connect them to your specific COVID-19 hotline when necessary. Additionally, learn how healthcare administrators can help monitor the mental and physical health, and PPE access issues among frontline staff via text-message, with data provided on a custom dashboard.  Get started now:

COVID Connect: COVID-19 Symptom Self-Monitoring
COVID Connect empowers patients under home quarantine to self-monitor symptoms via text message, and connect them to your COVID-19 hotline if symptoms worsen. Patients receive a daily set of questions enabling them to check and report breathing status, temperature, and cough. If patients report worsening symptoms, the program automatically provides your existing COVID-19 hotline phone number for support. The program aims to prevent overuse of the COVID-19 hotline and keep patients out of the emergency department.

Example question: “Are you having more difficulty breathing than usual? Please reply Yes or No”

COVID Staff Support: Protect Frontline Staff
COVID Staff Support enables staff to self-report symptoms, stress levels, and PPE access issues via text message with data reported back to leadership. Staff receive a set of questions asking them to report if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, symptoms of burnout, and PPE shortages. To assess burnout, staff are given the American College of Physicians three question screener, and provided evidence-based recommendations. Responses are tied to the user’s staff ID. The program aims to give leadership actionable information to monitor staff wellbeing and PPE needs while empowering staff to monitor their health.

Example question: “Over the past week, have you felt so overwhelmed that all of your energy was depleted? 1. Not at all 2. Sometimes 3. Often”

Digital safety net:
These COVID-19 programs are an extension of CareSignal’s commitment to using automated text messaging to improve patient self-management of chronic conditions enabling care managers to proactively care for patients before they worsen to improve health outcomes. CareSignal provides a digital safety net to catch patients in need and facilitates billable telemedicine opportunities for provider outreach. Learn more: