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CareSignal Partners with Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC) to Improve Outcomes for Underserved Patient Populations

April 27, 2022 at 12:32 PM

CareSignal becomes TACHC’s partner for remote patient monitoring to serve 1.6 million vulnerable patients in Texas

SAINT LOUIS -- April 27, 2022-- CareSignal, a Lightbeam Health Solutions Company, is Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC)’s remote patient monitoring partner aligned to extend equity, access, and quality of care to every patient served by one of TACHC’s 73 members, which are federally qualified health centers (FQHC).

This strategic partnership aims to increase access to care and reduce barriers for the state’s Medicaid population. TACHC health centers are consumer-driven and offer integrated services based on the unique needs of the community. By adding CareSignal, health centers are able to offer technology that connects patients to their care team, especially important for the 41% of TACHC health centers located in rural areas where patients may have limited or no access to technology.

TACHC is the federally designated Primary Care Association for the state of Texas and a member of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). TACHC’s 73 centers serve 1.6 million patients across 137 counties in Texas and 12 are now using CareSignal. Participating centers now offer CareSignal’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® technology to patients to monitor diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, COPD, and social determinants of health.

Together, CareSignal and TACHC use accessible technology to promote health equity and bridge the digital divide for patients by increasing access to care among underserved patients. CareSignal’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® platform allows the staff at the centers to work top-of-license by using automated patient surveys sent via text message and phone instead of manual outbound care management calls. This tech-enabled partnership also aids in mitigating the staffing shortage challenge healthcare faces; CareSignal’s automation is the first line of communication with patients and triggers care managers when needed, allowing staff to have a larger pool of patients while not hindering quality of care.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with CareSignal to help increase access to care for our vulnerable patients across the state,” said Jana Eubank, executive director, TACHC. “It’s crucial that we continue to find new solutions to ensure patients disproportionately impacted by chronic disease have access to the tools they need to stay healthy.”

With CareSignal, TACHC’s member health centers can leverage real-time patient symptom data and support care teams to proactively improve health care quality, utilization, and costs among chronically ill patients. "The partnership with TACHC represents a unique privilege: this is an opportunity to serve over a dozen of the organizations and teams that are most committed to delivering high-quality, accessible, equitable care to populations traditionally hampered by geographic and socioeconomic barriers," said Blake Marggraff, CEO of CareSignal, a Lightbeam Company. "By including the nationally recognized Social Determinants of Health program for all participating centers, I believe we will deliver value across clinical, financial, and health equity measures."

For more information on the partnership, contact or visit the CareSignal team at the TACHC 2022 Health Information Technology and Clinical Conference at the Embassy Suites Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX from April 28 – 29 at table #5.

About Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC):

TACHC is a private, not-for-profit membership association committed to advancing equitable access to quality healthcare in Texas by supporting and advocating for community health centers also known as federally qualified health centers, FQHCs, or health centers. TACHC is the federally designated primary care association for Texas. TACHC assists members in providing high-quality, comprehensive primary care and addressing the full spectrum of health center needs so they can focus on patient care.

About CareSignal – a Lightbeam Health Solutions Company:

CareSignal offers Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® which is specifically designed for value-based care by leveraging real-time, self-reported patient data and artificial intelligence to produce long-term patient engagement while identifying clinically actionable moments for proactive care delivery. Together, Lightbeam and CareSignal align best-in-class population health capabilities with proven remote engagement and monitoring solutions serving more than 42 million patient lives across the United States. Lightbeam’s vision is to shine a light on health data using analytics, and to provide the insight and capabilities healthcare clients need to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. Learn more about solutions specific to your organization and population visiting our website or trying a self-guided demo.